October 2017 to February 2018
Sundial Homes is a popular mid to luxury home builder serving Southern Ontario. Last year they celebrated 30 years in business. In fact, in 1992 they built the Aurora home I grew up in.    

Agency: The Social Nation

Account Director: Sarah Menbari

Social Strategist/

Content Creator: Alex Coley


Client requested content with a focus on design trends, family values, and promotion of new & existing subdivisions for sale. Our audience on Instagram primarily consists of females between 35-44 with a secondary target of females between 24-35. 

  • Content strategy 

  • Copywriting 

  • Original design 

  • Community moderation 

  • Instagram & Facebook targeted advertising campaigns 

Strategy & Tactics 

  • Create unified brand presence with stock photography using brand colours and repeated design elements

  • Offer useful daily tips to make home life easier for moms

  • Create design-centric content that inspires primary audience to imagine their 'new' home

  • Geo-target Instagram posts to building site locations using techniques like Add Location, geo hashtags, and primary audience & geo-targeted post promotions